Air Forcing Duct

Lay flat ventilation duct ( air forcing ventilation duct / positive pressure ventilation duct / straight length )

Lay flat Ventilation ducting material are usually used in positive pressure application for conveying fresh air to underground worksite. Lay flat ducting are widely used for ventilation in UG mining and tunnel operation. They are flexible, light in weight, easy to transport and require less manpower for installation.

We adopt hot air welding technology to make lay flat duct and for welding place, its strength can be retained to maximum extent. The coupling type can be steel ring, zipper or Velcro. The diameter can be from 10 inches to 100 inches. Our standard section length is 15ft, 30ft, 50ft, 100ft. We can also customize to make special specifications as our customers request.

For our flexible ventilation ducting, flame retardant and anti-static ducting are optional. We can customize to make the ducting material for you at first, then make the final ventilation ducting for you.


  1. high tenacity ployester base fabric/ scrim with PVC coated on both sides.
  2. long-time and stable anti-static. ( surface resistivity: less than 100 mega ohm. )
  3. flame retardant ( can meet NFPA-701, B1, B2 or M2 standard ).
  4. superior broken tensile strength and tear strength.
  5. extremely low air leakage rate in a hundred meter.
  6. extremely low drag coefficient in a hundred meter.
  7. endure the temperature variation.
  8. more fold-resistant.
  9. easier in repairing.
  10. pro-environmental, do not have any unpleasant odor.